Here’s the 2018 Gold file (beta.13 uploaded 1/12 1750 CST):

Change log for Beta12

  • Corrected a source of a runtime error during creation of the export file (a protected field)
  • Corrected the Social Security income limit for 2018 (two digits were transposed)
  • Corrected an error related to clearing the annuity income portion of the Income page during an import from PRC2017
  • Removed the write protection on the free text field in the front matter of the reports
  • Added code to export and import the percentile selections on the Run Analysis page
  • Corrected the validation code on the Income page for the rate of increase for annuity #2.
  • On the Taxes projection page, corrected a typo in the formula that reports the marginal tax rate.
  • Corrected error that resulted in after-tax contributions not being included in tax-deferred account balances and company contributions not being included in Roth account balances
  • Exposed additional columns of data on the Income projection page and allowed them to be included on the custom projection pages
  • Tweaked the positioning of the navigation links on the projection pages
  • Added withdrawal priority to the reports
  • Added two pages to the reports: one for each custom projection page (limited to 19 columns each)
  • Corrected error causing FA/asset classes for scenarios 2 and 3 not to be imported correctly from prc2017
  • Corrected the conversion of start/end years to ages on the import of Other Income streams from 2017 files (ages were short by one year)
  • Added another digit to the right of the decimal place in a few places on FA pages
  • Corrected an issue on the Run Analysis page to put baseline and variable expenses in phase
  • Fixed an error in the ROR assumptions for period 1 in the reports.
  • Fixed an error in the calculation of after-tax spouse contributions to tax-deferrred account

Please note: The download mechanism for beta12 is with a new service (SendOwl).  I’m hopeful that it’ll be an improvement over the services used up until now.  In my testing it seems really good, but I’d like to hear about your experiences as well.  Thanks!

Change log for Beta13

  • Corrected error where some income to be taxed as capital gains was being included twice in federal AGI
  • Made a few format adjustments in the reports
  • Fixed error in calculation of itemized deduction after the sunset of the new federal income tax law
  • Updated historical data for the year 2017
  • Corrected the algorithm for the rollover of after-tax contributions (removed the user control and made all rollovers proportionate between pre-tax and after-tax amounts)
  • Adjusted RMD formulas to include a pro-rata share of after-tax contributions (only affects taxable income)
  • Temporarily disabled the import of customizing checkboxes for the Income Projection page due to issues in trying to import from beta12

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